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Station: Kenwood TS-570D, D-104, Vibroplex Bug, Collins 30L-1 ~500w, Palstar AT2K Tuner, Flagpole Vertical, Home Brew Remote Matching Network.

My home is in a HOA development so, the options for 'low band' antennas use the word stealthy. I chose to use a single vertical in a Flagpole configuration to work 75-10m.

I have a relay controlled network at the base of the vertical which give a good match for 'most of each band'. So, how come 2 tuners? 

Well it's only 'most of the band' and the Palstar tuner comes into play only when I want to tweak the VSWR a bit more. So for most operating the Palstar is simply my VSWR meter.

The remote matching network provides just one fixed solution for each band for a legal limit station. My preference is to have a very robust remote box with 'big' relays, coils and capacitors, so I didn't opt for an autotuner. In most cases that 'single solution" is sufficient to get the VSWR under 2:1, but on the higher bands the 30L-1 isn't ultra stable with 3:1, so the AT2K is brought in to bring the line down to 2:1 (or better) if needed.