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Comparisons of 40 Meter Multi Element Wire Antennas based on analysis using NEC

All antennas are 45-50 feet above ground, using Sommerfield-Norton Ground parameters of Conduct =5ms , Dielectric=13

These are 'nominal models" where we have not attempted to optimize parameters, we simply want a sense of practicality and performance.

3 Yagi's are shown as well for reference.


3 El Mini-Horse

~48' Wide

~28' F/B


The current in the Director wire was ~ 30% of the DE and and 50% of the Reflector, so I deleted the Director and made a 2 El Mini Horse (next below)

2 El Mini-Horse

~48' wide

~17' FB


Well, this begins to look like a Moxon, so Moxon details below.

2 El Moxon


51 x 17

The Moxon is simple and has good performance.

You loose 2db for sure, but it is a simpler antenna with Gain and F/B ratio.

2 El Shorty 40

Has 4 loading coils 20-22uh

2 El Beam (director config)


68 x 15

2 El Beam (reflector config)

71 x 15

3 El Beam


72 x 30