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Marilyn and Don's Family Web


Our Home Page is a collection of the people and things we hold dear to our hearts.
Genealogy Links ---  Genealogy Links
Orange Blossom Squares   Our home town club
Square Dancing Our 29 year hobby has come to an end, but we provide some info about it here.
Don's Square Dances Calling ---  Don has been teaching Square Dancing for 25 years and calling for 19.
  Shadow Arrives ---  Shadow the Kitten arrives to be spoiled! He is now 10 and is still very active
Saint Paddy's Day ---  Saint Paddy's Day at The Villages Spanish Springs Town Square
Cruisein ---  Cruise'in on Every 3rd Saturday at Spanish Springs Town Square
Comtronix Design ---  Comtronix Design, electronic design specialists, performing contract design for instruments and test systems.
Ham Radio


Vertical and Matching Network
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