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Marilyn and Don's Family Web


Our Home Page is a collection of the people and things we hold dear to our hearts.
Our Home ---  Our Home in The Villages Circa 2003, many changes since!
3's and 4's  --- 3 and 4 Santo Domingo Neighborhood
  Shadow Arrives ---  Shadow the Kitten arrives to be spoiled!
Genealogy Links ---  Genealogy Links
Crosby Family Tree ---  Genealogy of the Crosby Family in the USA
Visit to the Crosbies of Portsmouth, NH ---  Crosbie meets Crosby   
Crosbie Family Tree ---  Genealogy of the Crosbie Family in Ireland
3's and 4's  ---  Our Santo Domingo Neighborhood in The Villages
Saint Paddy's Day 2006 ---  Saint Paddy's Day 2006 at The Villages Town Square
Cruisein ---  Cruise'in on Every 3rd Saturday at Spanish Springs Town Square
TheVillages4Rent.com ---  Our web business for folks who Rent Out Their Properties
The Villages RV Club ---  RV Club, with lots of trip photos
The Villages Amateur Radio Club ---  Highlights of the clubs activities
Orange Blossom Square Dance Club ---  The Villages Square Dance Club
Comtronix Design ---  Comtronix Design, electronic design specialists, performing contract design for instruments and test systems.
Don's Square Dances Calling ---  Don has been teaching Square Dancing for 25 years and calling for 19.


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